PRESS RELEASE: NASPA Confirms Allowances Increment

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, for our young graduates whose hardwork and commendable service this nation continues to recognise, this press release is long overdue; but like I have before maintained, the managers of the scheme and NASPA have always shared in what service personnel consider as the frustrations of the scheme, particularly the major one being insufficient allowances.

In that same vein and in furtherance to my earlier reference to the executive directors’ pronouncements at the just ended NASPA congress in Tamale; and in true manifestation of the concerted efforts of managers and stakeholders of the scheme and NASPA, I wish to announce to the general public and to all service personnel that the monthly non taxable allowances of service personnel have been increased.

Without wading into the arithmetics, let me briefly specify that henceforth service personnel shall receive an additional 107 Ghana cedis.

As NASPA we are highly confident that this news has been received with a warm heart; and on my part as President, I feel very much relieved to bear this news.

We therefore want to send our heartfelt appreciation to the government for heeding to our cries, the National service board and the executive director for showing such sensitivity and to all who have shown magnanimity to the course of pressing for allowances, we are very grateful.
Meanwhile we want to assure our service personnel that this may not be the end of our cries, we shall continue to make demands on issues that we believe shall make the scheme a delight to all of us in the long run.
As government continues to commit efforts into strengthening the economy for sustainable development; let us be mindful that all of us are involved especially as young as we are.
Let us continue to love and serve our country and bring progress to our society using our academic experience and God- given potentials.

Let us also remind our leaders and our country in prayers in the hope that Ghana would become the country all of us desire to live in.
Thank you and God bless us al.


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