Season 2 of SoTivi Continues on Viasat 1

It is the only television programme in this country dedicated solely to social media matters SoTivi is back on Viasat 1 after its initial run last year.

SoTivi airs at 9.55pm on weekdays and 4.55pm on weekends. Despite being only a five-minute programme, feedback has been coming in from all over the country because almost everybody is into social media these days.

Notable among the lot comments have been the uniqueness of the programme’s concept and of course and the brevity of the show which reflects the sense of originality the producers sought to achieve from the very beginning.

SoTiVi has so far told positive stories from across the social media landscape without taking away the fun. Catchy episodes have enjoyed a fair amount of attention on various social media fronts.

Items that have scored well with viewers so far include the special episode on the election petition case dubbed “Verdict Aftermath,” to the people’s favourite “Social Media Cool Kids” which brought to light some young and budding local celebs making waves on Twitter and Facebook and the controversial “Top 5 GH Music Videos on YouTube

Viewers and avid followers who miss episodes of the broadcast get to see them all on YouTube.

Season 2 of SoTivi is set to take the show’s audiences into a deeper realm of social media.

With analyses of trends as well as personalities and their influence through the positive use of the benefits of their social following, followers of the show can expect to harness the full potential of social media such as Facebook Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

SoTivi has special Valentine episode series and other specials coming up.

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