Raquel Advised on Fashion for Performances

RaquelDear Raquel,

I may not be your biggest fan or even a fan at all but I must confess that, I have been following your music. I like your voice and unlike those by-force singers that I come across on daily basis, I think you can sing. You are a natural talent. I like what you have been doing recently with Okyeame Kwame on his songs.

The chorus you sang on his Woara song was superb. You sang your heart out and I’m not surprised you are getting more attention as the day goes by. Of course featuring on songs by artistes such as Okyeame Kwame will bring you the needed attention and popularity which you are struggling to get.

I’m still looking for the right adjective to describe that collaboration. It’s one of the best collabo songs to have been churned out in the country’s history. It was flawless. The Rapdacta couldn’t have settled on a better singer. I hail his choice.

How can I continue with this letter and not talk about your performance at the Versatile Show? Gradually I’m liking your association with Okyeame Kwame. As I watched you perform alongside him during his show, I wondered if you had a stint of acting before.

I won’t be surprised if you tell me you used to act at church or school. It’s normal. You were so natural and tagged along well. That performance could win for you an award.

Don’t get carried away Miss. Even though I think you are a natural singer and can sing, your recent exposure is making me believe otherwise. Little by little it looks like you want to be known more as the lady with provocative dressing who exposes her flesh than the singing talent that I have always believed you are.

Your recent costume at the Industry Nights Awards of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards at Alisa Hotel left much to be desired. Now your style of dressing appears to be overshadowing your musical talent – something I believe should be the opposite.

On that said day, I do not know what you and your costumier were thinking but you exposed so much of your body to patrons. As you walked boldly and seductively during your performance, you excited many males at the venue and made many females frown.

Was it your intention just to show off your tattoo on your right thigh? I wonder who advised you to dress like that. Yes, you may have been wearing a pair of shorts under your skirt but still it left only little to one’s imagination.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t at the event but I watched it at home via GH-One television and it appears you did lots of harm to yourself considering that within minutes of that show, your pictures went viral on the Internet.

I can only imagine how many men both married and single you managed to seduce at the show. I know you will say it’s not your business, but my sister, you didn’t help the Raquel brand at all. If anything, you wrecked the brand further.

I had thought the dissing had died down after the furore two years ago during Citi FM December2Rememba show you forgot your ‘dross’ and in the process exposed your genitals to innocent eyes at the concert.

In the heat of the debate, the Musicians Union of Ghana issued a press statement to call it “costume malfunction” but come to think of it, does the general public and the fans care? Do you actually think they care? All they care about is that you become a role model to the young girls who may be looking up to you to learn one or two from you.

I have realised that since that wardrobe malfunction incident, many Ghanaians have taken a keen interest in your costume whenever you stepped out in the public. That is why you need to be careful about you outfits.

Raquel, I don’t intend to judge you before the actual Judgment Day since human beings are fallible but then who goes about making the same mistake twice? I’m afraid but if you make the same mistakes twice or more, then it doesn’t become a mistake, it becomes a choice.

Would I complain if it was Beyonce, Rihanna or Shakira? I would not because I do not care about them and what they do with their lives. Besides they are not Ghanaians. They do not have direct influence on my little sister Agnes and several other young girls who look up to you as a role model.

I have read a lot of comments concerning your exposure, let me leave you with the best so far “expose what is in your brain and not what you have under!”

Source: Ebenezer Anangfio

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