Roland Affail Monney Elected New GJA Prez

GJA President

Editor of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), Roland Affail Monney has been elected as the national president of the Ghana Journalist Association during the association’s polls in Accra yesterday.

The ace editor and former Vice President of the association went unopposed for his new position as the president this term. He takes over from Mr. Ransford Tetteh.

However, the position of the Vice President went to Mathias Tibu of G.I.J. who polled 316 against Peace 104.3 FM’s Abu Issa Monnie who had 213 votes.

Dave Dave Agbenu and Rogking Clottey went unopposed for the General Secretary and Organising Secretary positions respectively.

Linda Asante Agyei won the position of the Treasurer after polling 335 votes as against Rosalind Amoh’s 193 votes. Mary Mensah won the Public Affairs position with 364 votes as against Yaa Edusei’s 158 votes.

In the end, Roalnd Affail Monney [elected president] was thankful to members for giving him the nod to serve the association and also entreated them to help achieve the objectives of the association.

Below is the list of the newly elected exectives:

1. Mr. Affail Monney – President
2. Mathias Tibu- Vice President
3. Dave Agbenu- General Secretary
4. Mr. Rogking Clottey – Organising Secretary
5. Rosaline Koramah Amoh- National Treasurer
6. Mary Tawiah Mensah – Public Affairs


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