Samini snubs MTN for Vodafone?

SaminiDancehall king-Samini is on the verge of saying bye-bye to his former pay masters-MTN as he will soon be on the red-side of life with Vodafone as their brand ambassador, reports have said.

This will probably not be a new thing across the world as top international celebrities have one way or the other cross carpet or ported from one telecommunication to the other. But in Ghana, it has rarely occurred though there is always a first time for everything.

A source hinted GhanaWeb that Samini’s apparel to the recently held Ghana meets Naija event, which had no yellow stripes, was a clandestine way of preparing the minds of his followers that he was going to sever all ties with MTN.

“His attire on that event (Ghana meets Naija) was an emphatic statement that he (Samini) was not going to renew his contract with MTN,” the source stressed.

The source, however, could not state why the award winning artiste was parting ways with the company, except to say “it is due to personal reasons”.

But the questions that readily come to mind are: Is Samini confused on whether to join Vodafone or stay with MTN?

Is he cross carpeting because his popularity is fast waning?

Or let’s look at it from the angle that since his current paymasters seem not to be sponsoring any major events lately, and the clauses in the deal he has with the telecom company forbids him from being on another competing brand, this may have somewhat cut him off from the industry? It appears the dancehall king is just leaving on past glory?

As it stands, we cannot push so hard, but inasmuch as we are watching with our microscopic eyes, the fans deserve to know what is going on at every point in time. As events unfold, it is only time that will be able to provide industry watchers with the right answers.

Source: Adeyemi Adebayo Victor-GhanaWeb

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