Sammy Forson to quit YFM?

Sammy ForsonIf tweets put out by YFM Presenter Sammy Forson on Friday morning are anything to go by, then he is on his way out of the station.

It appears the host of the station’s mid-morning show is all done, and ready to move on. Mr. Forson is not enthused about some happenings at the workplace, and for which reason a decision to exit, looks likely.

“Will miss the microphone. Got problems of my own. Let’s try and value what people contribute than to always find fault. My last show,” he tweeted.

“Care for the people that work from the hearts. They are real and hard to find”. sources say Mr. Forson may have been pushed to put out the tweets due to a consistent strain in relationship between him and one of the station’s top bosses, over what seem to be issues bordering on work ethics.

On more than one occasion our sources say, he’s had some run-ins with the said station executive over issues including but not limited to ‘time’ (when to start his show and when to wrap up we understand), a situation they believe may have repeated itself on Friday morning.

Forson joined YFM from the Adabraka-based CITI FM some years ago, building an incredible, competitive and award-winning mid-morning show, to the admiration of media watchers.

He’s handling of the mid-morning show leveled up the competition in that segment of Accra’s rather competitive landscape.

Given the current wranglings, which has culminated in an unfortunate sour ending, it appears that beautiful spot, which has for the past years kept the city alive from 9:30 to 12pm, is about crumbling.



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