STATEMENT: Central Regional MUSIGA now Musicians and Dancers Association of Ghana (MUDAG)


This press release is copied to all media outfits and therefore the proper notice should be taken on the information herein, and placed on proper documentation and records.

We the concerned members of MUSIGA in the central region with names, signatures, membership numbers, positions and phone numbers attached have noticed that our efforts have not being recognized.

We have waited for long and realize that, breaking the silence is the power to our freedom. We have been dedicated and committed members of MUSIGA for years among which some of us have served since the eighties (1980′s) up to date and are still committed to the course of the development and rapid progress of the music industry.

We have been made to realize that, the management of MUSIGA is not ready at all to hear to our cry. Infact It is sad to notice that vibrant members who are not popular are not counted among the lot. Secondly those in the rural and the remote areas are not recognized in any activity and service of the union. Moreover it has been worrisome for we the members to know that if one needs an introductory letter for any important movement, he or she require to pay an amount of Fifty Ghana Cedis (Gh¢ 50.00) and swear an affidavit to it.

Moreover we were made to understand when we joined MUSIGA that the union would see to the welfare of our members and give the necessary support in times of Launching of Album, Loss of Parents, Loss of Two Children below the age of 18, Outdooring, among others, but this turned out to be for only a selected few. This makes our welfare unsecured and discriminatory since we are all active members who pay membership dues of Fifty Four Ghana Cedis (GH¢54.00) and Sixty Ghana Cedis (GH¢60.00) annually as welfare dues per member.

For most of us, we are hurt about the situation and for the fact that the two letters that we wrote in April and May 2013 respectively to the President of MUSIGA not to accept the resignation of our chairman in the Central Region were not responded. Although most of us were not in executive meetings, we are totally aware about the issues that were raised by the C/R chairman of the union during the Ghana Music Week that resulted in his resignation, and believes that the President together with the National Executives could have solved the issue amicably to calm down the members, but it wasn’t so.

We bear with the fact that, sometimes it pays to bet on your head to stand for probity, accountability, transparency and equity but mostly the society today hates candid views and contributions of vibrant personnel.

It would have been lovely to be paid a visit even once in each period of five months during our Regional or District General meetings by some National Executives or even annually by the President to boost our confidence as musicians and as a body within the union but we are deprived of those opportunities.

Sadly, we were made to understand as members of MUSIGA, we can apply for loan of an amount of not more than GH?6,000 to support our course which we did, but as at we speak, none of us were given a penny of that loan facility which some of the selected few has received theirs.As indicate above, each member has been paying an amount of Sixty Ghana Cedis (GH?60.00) as welfare dues every year without a benefit, why should the union plan of the aged musicians fund whereby we have the Veterans Musicians Association who are worth that opportunity and therefore we are calling for the money to be given to the right people. Those of us paying the welfare dues are not benefitting how on earth the veterans who are not contributing will benefit from the fund?

We also know for sure that the National Executive are remunerating themselves from Five hundred Ghana Cedis (GH?500.00) to Two thousand, Eight hundred Cedis (GH?2,800.00) monthly without thinking of the members welfare.

We now feel that it may be due to the reason that most of us are unpopular, geographically dislocated or looked down upon, but we want to clarify that music is not about only those who sing and are popular but consider the song writers, the composers, instrumentalists, sound engineers, producers among the lot, therefore we believe all must be recognized.

We believed strongly that heaven helps those who help themselves therefore we need to struggle on to help see dreams of musicians being achieved, aims and goal being obtained by all and for all. Based on the issues raise above and considering our current fate in MUSIGA, we the concerned members of MUSIGA in the Central Region have decided that we have to be part of a more vibrant and collaborative organization.

We therefore by this notification state categorically here today that we have defected from the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) to the Musicians and Dancers Association of Ghana (MUDAG) which is a member of the Music Council of Ghana of the International Music Council of UNESCO and subsequently ceases to be members of MUSIGA.

We know for sure that the Musicians and Dancers Association of Ghana (MUDAG) has well organized structures which will polish the music and dancing industry and help most of us realize our dreams.

We want to make it clear to all that we are not doing this to create any chaos in MUSIGA but to make sure that the plight and concern of both musicians and dancers are well addressed while the show goes on in the arts struggle.

We are most grateful to all for your correspondence.

Thank you, Yours in the Arts Struggle,


(Press Secretary)

MOBILE: 0244936939

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