STATEMENT: Stop Fuelling Stories That Do Not Exist – Praye’s Management

BBA The Chase (Selly)It is disheartening to read stories in the media that are colourfully painted with lies. Selly had nothing to do with the break-up of Praye Tietia and his children’s mother. The relationship ended mutually two years before he met Selly.

We can confirm that he is responsible for his children and has always been. During his recent trip to The UK, he shopped for the kids (as every responsible father does) and has continued his responsibility of supporting them upon his return.

There is no bad blood between him and his ex but mutual respect and understanding, as should be the case when there are children involved. She has a new child with a new partner is happy.

We urge the media to stop fuelling stories that do not exist, just because Selly is in the Big Brother House, and just because a journalist has been paid to disseminate false information.

Management for Praye

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