STATEMENT: WOMAN 2.1 Summit Stands Against Underage Child Marriage in Nigeria

Woman 2.1 Summit aWOMAN 2.1 Summit, the award-winning organization that develops and empowers a new generation of women leaders in Africa, has added her voice to calls to cast out any attempts by the Senate of the Republic of Nigeria to legalize underage child marriage.

In a campaign dubbed “Nurture a Girl so that you can marry a Woman”, the organization stated that “underage child marriage is worse than child slavery. Any law that allows Child Marriage is not only degrading and enslaving but nation-wrecking and killing. A 13-year old Girl must be educated and empowered, not married long before she can even vote. We stand in solidarity and we lend our voices for the girls silenced by the Senate in Nigeria. As mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, we demand the protection and empowerment for all Nigerian girls; not their enslavement.”

Mr Benjamin Gregory Aggrey, the founder of WOMAN 2.1 Summit added “Nigeria as a nation will be the biggest loser if the intended child marriage bill is passed.” The very future development of any country is periled if the empowerment of girls and women is not protected. The “Nurture a Girl so that you can marry a Woman” campaign is calling on all men and women, organizations and civil societies to rise up and stand against the legalization of underage child marriage in Nigeria and anywhere in the world.

About WOMAN 2.1 Summit

WOMAN 2.1 (21st Century Woman) Summit is an award winning conference that develops and empowers a new generation of women leaders to improve the state of Africa and inspire the next generation.

Empowering and developing women is an accelerator for stability, growth sustainability and prosperity in the fast growing economies of Africa where far too often war, poverty, disease, and corruption have been the image presented to the world. The summit bring together ambitious, forward thinking and successful women [and men] with audacious dreams, big ideas and compelling stories that changes the outdated perceptions of Africa. The summit is a facility for networking, mentoring and exhibition where attendees share ideas on innovation and new opportunities to make a difference in their communities and organizations.

WOMAN 2.1 Summit has earned a reputation for pioneering the advancement of women in business, leadership and technology and has become known for its roster of accomplished speakers with attendees coming from within Africa and other parts of the world.

Having received a United States Congressional Award for it audacious goal of preparing women for new opportunities in Africa, the summit was also nominated in the Global Professional Achievers Award for same.

WOMAN 2.1 Summit 2013 is scheduled for October 18 and 19, 2013 at the National Theatre in AccraGhana.


Benjamin Gregory Aggrey

Founder, WOMAN 2.1 Summit

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