Tinny Dumps Manager, Tours USA

TinnyIt is now officially confirmed that musician Sexy Tinny aka ‘Regular Champion’ has parted ways with his manager, Richard Agyemang Berko but it is not yet certain who his new manager is.

Tinny is said to have moved on and speculations are that he may soon be announcing a Nigerian big ‘act’ as his new manager while Richard Berko takes over the management of silky-voiced Afriyea, formerly of Wutah fame.

Even without a manager now, Tinny is said to have put together a three-month music tour of USA and Canada and would be leaving Ghana by the first week of July. Among the places he would be performing are Chicago, New York, Ohio and Toronto.

Tinny has meanwhile released a new single, ‘Move To Da Center’ of the Regular Champion album volume 1.

This song is already receiving massive response from music lovers across the country and on a promotional CD floating in the capital. The CD has some other ‘wicked’ tunes including ‘OMG’‘Palanquin’, and ‘The New Chapter’featuring Timaya.

While the video for ‘Move To Da Center’ would be shot when Tinny returns from his tour in October, video for the other tracks would be shot in South Africa.

Source: NEWS-ONE

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