Undies Excite Me – Christabel Ekeh

Christabel Ekeh in bikiniThere is a woman, a beautiful woman whose first love are women’s underwear. Lingerie that comprise panties, brassieres, nightgowns, panty hoses, the lot, are what actress Christabel Ekeh says, make her life complete.

Christabel claims that for almost a decade, she has been collecting different makes and colours of lingerie every day. “I just cannot see a nice lingerie and walk pass it, I have to get it, I love them and I think I am addicted to them “ she told Showbiz last week.

Not suprisingly, the half Ghanaian, half Nigerian actress  knows a  lot about the ins and outs of lingerie. For example, she said “There are different types of them for different purposes”. “We have chemise, the bra, teddy, chemisole,bustier, baby doll, garters and garters belt and a lot more. Trust me they are so adorable and they make me feel really good”.

In response to why she was so attracted to underwear, she said  that, they make her feel feminine, feel good, feel daring and empowered. “There’s nothing like having a beautiful lacy lingerie on to complete my expression of who I am at a particular time; there’s just something special about knowing that beneath your ordinary clothing, you’re wearing something commendable” she said.

Interestingly, Christabel does not wear those sexy underwear to please anyone but herself. “I don’t wear lingerie to excite anyone; I wear them because they excite me and they make me feel good. I have a strong belief  that before anyone can love you, you must love yourself. Beautiful underwear helps me to love myself a little bit more” she said.

Speaking about how she came into acting, Christabel who was a  first runner-up in the Miss Malaika beauty pageant in 2008, said that when she decided to take up acting, she went to one audition after another until finally she landed some minor roles which became her breakthrough onto the movie scene. “I had to prove myself worthy of roles because I did not know anybody who would link me and I am grateful to God for how far he has brought me”, she said.

Even though she herself would not mind acting nude if a sex scene was directed well, Christabel was of the view that of late nudity in local movies is becoming too much. “I do not see the point in directors shooting the obvious”, she said.

Born about 22 years ago to a Ghanaian mother and Nigerian father, this beauty has achieved modest success within a short period in the movies. She has featured in Peep, College Girls, Afia and Friends, The Battle, Sweet Mistake, Wrong Target and a host of others.

In a word to her fans, she said “love your life, believe in yourself, put God first in all things and I advise every woman to try and get some sensuous underwear to pamper herself”.

Source: Daily Graphic

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