Vagina Monologue on February 14 & 15

The Global Arts and Development Centre,(GADC), a non-profit international advocacy organization, is to stage a Vagina Monologue on February 14 and 15 at the National Theatre.

The stage performance directed by Mr. Abdul Karim Hakib, Executive Director of GADC, is to touch on issues normally considered very important, but a taboo to talk about in society.

He said the play also describes palpably the female experience, and serves as an alternative educative platform.

He said although sensual in one form or another, it touches on the existence of the female, and uses it as an avenue for empowerment.

β€œIt is an event that will educate and excite patrons,” he said.

The Director said, he contextualizes the issues treated and blends indigenous arts with contemporary elements to showcase contents that will resonate with any audience.

β€œI employ a guitarist and a pianist in projecting a typical African sorrowful scene, which does not only capture the intricacies of the flute, but also establishes a mood that brings out the idea of My Vagina My Village,” he added.

Mr Hakib said the play has been performed throughout the world, although with varied form of resistance, but in Ghana, it started as an experimental project for a final year student at the University of Ghana.

He said the play reveals the sacred nature of the female temple, and depicts the tribulations the female figure is made to go through during a life time.

It starts with the funny undertones and questions about the status-quo, but later delves into relationships, and give men a clue on how to be able to keep their women.

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