Van Vicker’s Movie “Bendu Sudan” to Premiere At Carlow African Film Festival

Van VickerGhanaian actor Van Vicker’s movie titled “Bendu Sudan” is set for a premiere at this year’s Carlow African Film Festival which is currently underway in Carlow, Ireland.

The 95 minute movie was directed by the ace actor and will be shown on Sunday, May 5 VISUAL & George Bernard Shaw Theatre from 7pm to 8.45pm

The film which was set in a drama and horror genre will be followed by a barrage of questions from the audience and answers from Van.

This is a synopsis to the movie:

“Bendu Sudan explores Liberian (African) Myths and Spiritualities. A lady fell in love some years back with a married man. In the process of their sexual escapades, she became pregnant and an abortion was forced on her. She was secretly drugged for the process. Following complications and gang rape, she was pronounced dead. Spiritually like it is believed by many, she gets the opportunity to re-live to revenge her death.”

Another film to be screened at the festival is “Paparazzi Eye in the Dark” – a movie directed by Nigerian born Hollywood star Bayo Akinfemi and stars A-list actors like Van Vicker, Kobby Maxwell and Syr Law.

There will also be the screening of 2012 movie “Film Zambezia (Adventures of Zambia)” which was directed by ace movie director Wayne Thornley.

Source: Yaw Sarpon | GlitzGhana

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