What If R2bees Doesn’t Win?

R2Bees(Graphic Showbiz)Songs Aben Wo Ha by Daddy Lumba, Emmanuella by Ofori Amponsah, Konkontibaa by Obour, Akatasia by Kontihene, Tom and Jerry by Kojo Antwi and Ahomka Womu by VIP all have one thing in common: theSong of the Year at the GMA’s. They were extremely popular, highly tipped to win in their respective years and they surely did not disappoint.

If that trend is anything to go by then one can certainly envisage that should R2Bees not win nothing at all, come Saturday, their Walahi should win the coveted Most PopularSong of the Year award at this year’s VGMA’s.

Memories from the 2012 VGMA’s still remain fresh on the minds of their fans when their popular track, Agyei was dropped from the list of nominations for indecent lyrics. The fans ranted, raged, rained all manner of curses on the VGMA Board and accused them of favoritism, cronyism, hatred and what have you.

But it seems the message sent by the Board went down well. A year later the sensational duo return with two chart-busting songs that have gotten the whole country singing. The lyrics aren’t only decent, but inspirational.

The songs are so apt and right, the board had no other choice than to confirm their nominations in nine different categories.

With so many nominations including the two hottest categories of the night, the Song of the Year and the fiercely contested Artiste of the Year, not to mention the unpredictable nature of their fans the question could not be more apparent. What if, R2Bees does not win?

Expectations are so high it’s almost easy to forget that the other contenders in the various categories aren’t so easy to walk over. With acts like 4X4, Cwesi Oteng, VIP, Kwaw Kesse and D-Black all deservedly vying for the artiste of the year category, could R2Bees just miss it?

How about the other top tracks battling with “Life-Walahi” in the song of the year category; Keche’s “Aluguntugui”, Asem and Kwabena Kwabena’s “Bye-Bye”, “Azonto Fiesta” by Apietus, Sarkodie and Kesse, ‘Kaalu’ by E.L, Dr. Slim and Dobbles “Ole Seke”, “Mokoni” by 4X4, “Azonto Ghost” by Bisa, VIP’s “Pampanaa” and “Vera” by D-Black.

Probably one of the most competitive lists of songs ever in the history of the VGMA’s. Could one of these great tracks just cause an upset in R2Bees party?

What happens if come Saturday the winner for the Vodafone Song of the Year is announced and it’s not R2Bees? Could it be robbery? Could it be an oversight of some sort?

Or could it be the loud and enthusiastic fans simply failed or refused to vote for them? Or because their performances are not as exciting as their song?

The words of many critics and patrons asserting that the duo sometimes look uncoordinated on stage and appear not to put any serious effort into what they do cannot be overemphasized. They are considerations that could influence decisions at various levels, but as to whether or not their fans would also leave them out to dry, we will soon get to know.

If there’s any group that has been consistent with the continuous release of very good songs, I’m sure the entire GH will agree it’s R2Bees. The Mugeez and Paedae duo have not only been good singers, but also great song writers butjust in case they don’t win, will R2Bees cry foul and claim they have been robbed of their deserving awards?

Will their fans blame the organizers and board for nominating them as compensation for dropping them last year? Will it be the end of R2Bees in GH?

They themselves have told Showbiz that they are not expecting any VGMA award but if it comes, why not, they will receive it with glee. Perhaps they are still smarting from last year’s loss.

This year looks good; really good but what if R2Bees don’t win?

 Source: Graphic Showbiz

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