Why Guru Didn`t Perform At Ghana Meets Naija Explained

GuruThe third edition of Ghana Meets Naija came off successfully at the Accra International Conference Centre on June 29th, 2013 with so much to talk about.

In Samuel A. Baah’s article captioned ”Ghana Meets Naija-Burna Boy Missing In Action”, he described the performances of some artistes in very interesting ways. ”Okyeame Kwame was superb, Edem was fantastic, Timaya was superfluous, Wizkid was lovely, Bandana was thunderous and of course, the man who never fails on any given stage, Samini was powerful as never before” were the words he used.
Unfortunately Burna Boy couldn’t perform due to some contractual obligations he had with a telecom operator. I am reliably informed that the show was generally successful just that the Ghanaman Time showed its ugly head once again. Curiously, I have been waiting to hear how exciting the performance of Dobble and Dr.Slim was but still…!!!
Bola Ray, the brain behind Ghana Meets Naija, is also the C.E.O of Empire Entertainment. Under Empire Entertainment, there are artistes like Dobble, Dr. Slim and Guru. There could be other artistes managed by Empire Entertainment but I am yet to confirm that .It was then not surprising that Dobble and Dr.Slim were billed at Ghana Meets Naija but of great shock to me was the absence of Guru in all promotions prior to the show and to the extent that even on the night of the show, he didn’t appear on stage to perform. This observation got me confused.
Ghana Meets Naija is a very good platform for Bola Ray to promote his artistes but what exactly was the issue which prompted the absence of Guru. The duo Dobble has hits like ”walai talai” and ”emana” and I hear they have a new tune ”spark da motor” trying to become a hit. Dr. Slim’s ”ole s3k3 ni woy3” needs no introduction. His ”ajormi” track, in my opinion is yet to become a household tune. Comparing Dobble and Dr. Slim to Guru, with all due respect, I would be right to say that he is miles ahead of them. With hits like ”Lapaz Toyota”,”mmaakuo”,”democracy”,”akonta fried rice”,”karaoke”,”alkayida”and nkwadaa nkwadaa, Guru should have been on the Ghana Meets Naija stage.
Out of curiosity, I got in touch with Guru and first of all asked why he didn’t perform at the show. He initially confirmed not performing at the show but was a bit reluctant to give reasons for that. He later on revealed that in as much as he had performed in the previous editions of the show, he felt that it would be a good idea to allow other artistes to market themselves too. I got in touch with Cedis of Empire Entertainment who further explained why Guru didn’t perform at the show.
With the explanation I had from Cedis, Guru was expected to be a surprise artiste on the night but later  plans changed. Empire Entertainment thought it wise to ”preserve” him for his upcoming show dubbed ” 7 faces of Guru Music &Friends Concert”.
In all of Guru’s videos, he plays a specific character in each of them. In ”mmaakuo”, he was a pastor, an old burger in ” Lapaz Toyota”, an activist in ”democracy”, a broadcaster in ”nkasiebo”, a father in ”nkwadaa nkwadaa” among others. Guru has played seven different characters in music videos, hence the 7 faces of Guru Music &Friends Concert.
In this concert, Guru would be on stage acting out the seven different characters. This is a show I am keenly waiting for. By the way, do you want to know when this show would come up? Keep on reading Flex newspaper for this information. At least, there isn’t any bad blood between Guru and Empire Entertainment. He didn’t perform at Ghana Meets Naija for a good reason. I rest my case.

Ebenezer Narh Affum


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