Wizkid Defends Buying N15 Million Porsche Car

WizkidStarboy Wizkid replaced his damaged 15million naira Porsche Panamera with a brand new one few weeks ago after crashing it in an accident. Some people saw this as lavishing money, and Wizzy was heavily criticized by a fan for doing so, while he got congratulatory messages as well.

However, in a recent interview he granted Encomium Magazine, Wizkid addressed the issue saying that he works hard and he can spend his money anyhow he wants it.

Here is what he told Encomium Magazine;

“I needed to get another one because, after the accident, I didn’t have a car and I have to move around. I started taking cabs before I decided to buy this new car to move around.

It is needed for work. And I don’t think there is anything wrong in splashing millions in car. If someone works hard and decides to spent money on something that he thinks is good for him, why not? In fact, I don’t think there is need to justify whether it is wrong or not. I work hard and I will enjoy my money.”

Source: Encomium Magazine

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