Fans Frown On Wanlov Kuborlor’s Gay Comments

Wanlov Kuborlor (Right) with M3nsa
The comments made by Mr. Emmanuel Owusu-Bonsu popularly known in the showbiz circles as Wanlov Kuborlor has since been met with objection from fans of the musician.
On Friday, the Pidgin Music act took to social network site facebook and registered his concerns about the ongoing issues on homosexuality in the country.  
“I wish Ghanaians were as phobic of the plastic pollution in the rivers and the corrupt leeders even a fraction of how afraid they are of gays.”
“I’d rather be Gay in ghana, than be a lying, cheating, stealing, corrupt, pedophiliac pastor, minister, policeman or leader…gays need prayers, from who??,” he added later.
He later on opined that God could also be gay since we were created in His own image.
“If god made man in own image then god seff get gay ways.”
This rather received mixed reactions as some fans played down the allegations as other praised the musician.
Here are some of the comments from fans who also disagreed with Wanlov on his opinion.
@Buami Seyram commented “U need deliverance….”
@Richard Opare Obeng said “God gave man WILL on top of evrytin, Sodom n Gomorah wer destroy bkos of gaysm.may God 4gv u.”
@Justice Atopa Sagada also added “May The Wrath of God In Da Tym Of Sodom And Gomorha Come Upon U. U’re A F****** Boy Paa!, Bcos Of Ur F******** And Gay Actz Datz Why Ur Life Is Basaa! Lyk Dat.”

Source: Yaw Sarpon

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