How to Protect Yourself against Coronavirus Infection

The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is rapidly becoming a global health threat, after it originated from China’s Wuhan City.

It spreads from person to person, and it has affected over 83,000 people, and registered close to 3,000 people, around the globe.

There has been conscious effort to bring the situation under control. Hence,‘s Health Desk bring its cherished readers a piece about how to protect yourself against the coronavirus disease.

Read the brief precautions below:

  1. Wash your hands frequently with soap under running water.
  2. Use alcohol hand rub when your hands are not visibly dirty.
  3. Keep a distance of at least one step more (1 metre) from a person showing signs of fever, cough and difficulty breathing.
  4. Do not touch eyes, mouth or nose with unwashed hands.
  5. Thoroughly cook meat and eggs.
  6. Be physically active, eat well, drink plenty of fluids, reduce stress, and have enough sleep.
  7. Wear face masks.

NB: Seek medical attention if infection is suspected or symptoms occur

Source: Yaw Sarpong |