Photos of Woo Ji Yoon being Maltreated Pops Up

Photos of former Bolbbalgan4 member Woo Ji Yoon being treated the wrong way has gone viral.

In the photos sighted by PlugTimes.com, the singer who recently left the group falls victim to both fans, and staff of her former label.

In one of the photos, a staff is seen holding an umbrella over Ahn Ji Young, while Woo Ji Yoon is ignored and follows behind.

She eventually uses her own jacket to cover herself up.

In another photo, she is ignore by the fan after getting a signature from Ahn Ji Young, while the fan also turn his back on her.

Netizens have also expressed disappointment in what ensued, making some say that she was right to leave.

Source: Yaw Sarpong | PlugTimes.com




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