Stacy M. Amewoyi writes: The Century Called 21st

It may seem things are running smoothly with the life we live individually, but I must say twenty-five percent of us here reading may be upright morally. With the rest of us, the struggles of life have influenced and shaped our level of thinking and the way of going and doing away with things that, even the devil salutes.

Take a look at our screens today, if it is movies, then the worst are telenovelas, if the local ones don’t depict witchcraft, Ghallywood will give you a continuation of our telenovelas.

Ghana’s 21st century is unbelievable. The first thing to hear is “we are now in a technological world, we are in a global village, we are civilized” etc. says who? A civilized country wouldn’t exchange their heritage with that of another.

They wouldn’t take presenters and rank people with good English as those to be seen and heard on the air waves, neither will they display Chinese, Mexico, Philippines or Japanese films as a form of entertainment to its citizens.

Go to these mentioned countries, and see for yourself if any of their stations have anything Ghana on there. Aren’t they civilized as we claim we are? But why are they about themselves while we carry them above ourselves?

Pastors and preachers together with their wives and the congregation are all bleaching. Even some men in the ministry are competing each other and going as far as seeking powers from shrines to outright their fellow pastor. I’m wondering how God is able to consume all of this.

It looks as if they control our television now, on every channel there is a local pastor doing something. It makes me wonder who is in check of all the media content as the country is concerned.

And what happened to our music industry? Just a handful are doing something like it, the rest are noisy and hard to wrap the brain about. Our Osibisa, KK Kabobo, Nana Ampadu, Akwaboah Senior, Samuel Owusu, Akwasi Ampofo Adjei, Nana Quame, Daddy Lumba wouldn’t know how to rank what the hear now.

These, men we have tagged as legends, they don’t call themselves as such but with what they have done we deem it appropriate to give them that respect and honor. Before, they did music that covered every angle of life.
From stubbornness to promiscuity, marriage, death, love etc. their songs were full of proverbs, advice, encouragement, comfort, caution and empowerment.

This reshaped the minds of the adolescents so much that, people loved to think before they act, helping them to make life long decisions for themselves as work and general livelihood is concerned.

Who do we call legends of our time now? If we could see the good in our old musicians and refer them as legends, then there is some good in us to be able to straighten what we have now, so to have legends in our generation too. I’m wondering those to call for legends night when our legends are called to glory.

Today, after listening to song from the beginning to the end, you cannot fathom an area of your life you would want to put that. The youth are so much into these songs that, its reflecting in their way of life.

Even in a public transport, they refuse seats for older people. What is happening to this generation? Whatever is happening in this world with reverence to our behaviors and lifestyle, is it preparing us for the good or the bad?
What is our style of music in Ghana and Africa in general? We claim we are civilized in the name of technology but it came to help and fail us at the same time. It has failed us because the young artistes coming up with no proper structure and management, just do anything and post it online.

The horrifying part is, the junior and high school students jump on it and make it trend on every social media platform. We do blame the industry especially the older folks though legends, they weren’t able to train young people as new entrants into the music scene.

They are also refusing to the straighten the younger ones who just record anything and post it on social media. This has made these young guys create a niche for themselves as stars only known on Instagram.

The negative liberty social media is giving to these young folks creates a scare of what may happen to the next generation to come. If don’t sing our songs, and tell our stories, dance and dress properly as culture demands, our children’s generation will lack what it means to be African.

As for lifestyle and livelihood today, the least said is better. Ghanaians were known as people with respect and humility and hardworking everywhere we go but now it’s not known as such.

The young ladies of today do not want to do anything work. They give sex in place of money and bleach to attract the opposite sex. The young guys will fraud and hack people for money.

A lot of youth don’t want to work, all they want is quick money and amazingly they are proud of it. They could even come on national TV and boast of it, claiming that as a new movement for money. Who even allow those television stations to operate in the first place?

They could stop school and hold on to the thought of defrauding people to get money. They could go places and the extra mile of killing others to gain what they want. They are so desperate; they just want to be seen at the top.

Some sit on social media all day talking to ‘clients’ luring them to be defrauded, people go for surgery to for breast and buttocks implants and the likes just to smoke money from men or look like a particular celebrity.

We keep saying, and you keep hearing but you keep doing the same thing, just come to an understanding that, before the saying ‘not all that glitters is gold’ will make sense to you it might have been too late.

This behavior of theirs make some of us feel like fools who have no knowledge about money and not trying to workout things for ourselves. But God has patience, He waits and uplifts those He deems uplifting. The respectable old people of this nation, do arise together and help curb this menace.

For the movie industry, the prominent ones see talented and gifted ones, yet, they become selfish and self-seeking disallowing themselves to train the younger ones to become like them.

They are of the fear that, these young people will supersede them as acting is concerned. Even when the younger ones are trying to imitate them or are called their look alike, out of nowhere, these look alike or sound alike will be nowhere to be found.

These prominent once will make sure, their look alike wouldn’t be able to find their feet. Their intimidation and the greediness is overwhelming. We want the nation to grow yet, we are not allowing the growth of these younger ones.

Like the kotokuraba symbol, which symbolizes the pull down of others is where the industry players are leading us to, so always we are at a standstill. The best young talent without money is left to die but the one with no talent with a push of money is seen and heard making waves with trash all over the place.

Let these talents with no money find grace and hit the market, they will find themselves surrounded with these older folks who were not willing to help them make head way into the industry.

Another one is seen about nudity. If you are an artiste or actor who can’t expose herself, then be ready stay at stage one. The annoying phrase you keep hearing is ‘sex sells’.

We need leadership and mentorship and role models in every area of the industry even in government. Anyone could get up any day to do something in the name of creativity whilst we have leaders who sit and allow these youngsters destroy what they’ve done all these years.

Numerous youngsters have had their dreams shattered and sat upon because of who you know. The movie industry is left hanging now, as at now, we do not know whether it will be revived again or not.

With the entertainment industry, just a couple of people keep reining whilst others are doing other things to get out there. But there are these crop of youth who have no shame whatsoever and are doing unhealthy things underground just to get to the top.

If you unfortunately cross path with them, you might believe curse has rather been spelt on you and with no amount of prayers will you get to where they are. Your prayers will not be answered because the people you are seeing are no portraying the truth.

Women in the industry too are also exposing themselves. What is happening? immediately you get close to one, they gather information and the next moment after a little misunderstanding, all of those information will flood the waves and people who aren’t interested will still hear.

All of these is taking the industry nowhere as people will be scared to even draw their fellow human beings to them. People get closer to gather information and tend to rise to fame with it.

It looks like we are not safe anymore because you do not know who to trust in this industry. My main focus is our music and what it means to us now, and why our forefathers made some instruments for some kind of songs.

What do we hear today? If it’s not about the private part, then its insults or sex. Before, even when you want to mention profane, it is said in a way, but now, it’s all over the place.

The chieftaincy and the people in higher positions we look up to are all sitting aloof; and the saying that means literally that, the old man who chews a snake with children, when we are to count snake chewers, he will be counted as part of it; will definitely not fall short when our heritage some time to come don’t make sense.

In this season where we have our mouths and noses covered, let’s take a clue from the owl. We must be able to see from far and be also like the bat; we must be able to exist in a sensible manner even if we have only the ears to hear.
A lot is happening in our world which we believe is part of the end time signs, but we just cannot sit and make it seem normal to us. Cartoons have been targeted as the main spot now where our kids are opened to things they are not supposed to see which they grow up with believing it as normal.

This could be the end time we understand, but it doesn’t mean we should sit on the fence and let things run under the carpet like nothing. We will definitely account for our lives you know, so let’s just live it right.

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