South Africa: Women Flaunt their Huge Backside for the #VuthelaChallenge – SEE PHOTOS

Do you remember #BussItChallenge? What about the legendary #silhouettechallenge? Well, South African women are trying to outdo one another as they flaunt their huge backsides in the viral #VuthelaChallenge on the internet.

The “Vuthela Challenge” gives these women the opportunity to show how flexible and dangling their huge bums are. They whet the appetite of men with photos that give many men a reason to look, look again and look forever.

The interesting part of the challenge is that the women kneel or kowtow beside a pot and pretend to be blowing on the fire, though their backside is the main focus. They lift their bum and project it perpendicular to their legs.

A number of women have shared photos of themselves taking part in the challenge and the men decide on the winners.

Check Out Photos Below:

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