Beauty Tips: 5 Manicure Wreckers

Manicure has been part of most young women in recent times but do we really consider how some dos and don’ts can damage its purpose. Bukky from Beauty Revolution takes us through some of the acts that contributes to this damage.

There are five very common things that most of us do that can wreck your manicure! Here is a list of the top 5:
(1) Alcohol. Hand sanitizers erode top coats quicker than any other substance besides acetone polish remover

(2) Washing hands in cold water causes nail edges to flare, and polish to crack and chip.

(3) Texting! Every push of a key causes tiny trauma to the nail polish.

(4) Folding laundry straight from the dryer. Heat softens the polish and dulls the color. The same goes for cooking over a hot stove!

(5) Using facial and body scrubs. They scrub off polish just like they do dead skin!


Credit: Beautyrevolutionng

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