Enjoy, Learn and Practice the Art – KKD Advises the Youth

Kwasi Kyei DarkwaAce Ghanaian media personality, Kwasi Kyei Darkwa popularly known as KKD has passed out a piece of advice to the youth who dream of making it to the media, arts and culture industries. In a message that assumes the status of an ideal father and son counsel, he entreated the youth to “enjoy, learn and practice” the work of art.

Below is an unedited version of his message:  

To the young ladies and gentlemen who ask me how you can find your place and become outstanding in the Media, Arts & Culture industries, may I humbly say
Make hay while the sun shines.


Measured enjoyment is healthy for the mind, body, heart and soul.

Learning will increase your knowledge, broaden your horizons, ignite your curiosity and spark your imagination. We are bound to hear and see many things as the world goes by but what we do not learn we do not know. Learning brings knowledge and knowledge is power.

Practice. You may have to do it for free in the beginning as you understudy some professional thinker and doer. Thinking and doing are not mutually exclusive but you will be amazed how often one goes AWOL in the presence of the other. Many gather knowledge like a magpie to its nest yet do not apply such knowledge in any meaningful way to benefit the community afterwards.

Serve as an intern in an organization that has a clearly defined mission as well as concise and useful strategies, methods and procedures to realize its goals.

Creative enterprise can be heady fun but it does not mean anything goes. There are guiding principles and protocols that practitioners worth emulating learn and adhere to. These in addition to the application of self, injection of creativity and personality set the outstanding apart from the mediocre, miseducated and uneducated.

Enjoy, learn, practice.

They will not make you perfect but they can make you professional.

Source: Yaw Sarpon | GlitzGhana

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