Ghanaian Pidgin Words, their Meaning and Origin

The Ghanaian Pidgin is one of  the many grammatically liberative languages that facilitates easy communication among people who may or may not have a first language in common.

It is a second language to five (5) million people in Ghana and this number continues to be on the rise. In West Africa, it is widely spoken in countries like Nigeria, Cameroon, and Liberia.

As the interest in learning or speaking the Ghanaian Pidgin language grow, it is only natural that PlugTimes curates the lexicon in its standardization drive.

Find some Ghanaian Pidgin words, their meaning and origin below.

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NB: This page is regularly updated; kindly return for more.

GH Pidgin Word Meaning Origin
Abeg/Ahbeg I Beg/Please English
Am Him/Her English
Barb Understand
Bell Call English
Biz Ask Twi
Chale/Charley/Charlie Dude Ga
Chaw Plenty/A lot
Conf Confuse(d) English
Dem They/Them English
Demma Their English
Den And English
Dey Do/Is/Are English
Dope Cool English
E It English
Figa Think English
Galli Walk/Gallivant English
Go Will/Go English
He He English
Hung Hungary English
Ibi It is English
Ifi It can English
Komot Leave/Remove/Come Out/Go Away English
Lapee Laptop English
Lef Leave/Left/Remain English
Menners People/Guys English
Mow Learn/Read/Study
Moro/Morrow Tomorrow English
Nibis Stuffs/Things Ga
Plus With English
Rec Recognize English
Rydee Right Now English
Sati Satisfied English
Saf/Sef Self English
She She English
Shun Stop/Shun English
Suck Drink English
Talanku Relax
Taya Tired English
Troski Public Transport English
We We English

Ghanaian pidgin words meaning

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