Love Rules: Usher Proposes to Girlfriend at Kotoka Airport

Love is without doubt a beautiful thing and Ghanaian dance instructor, Moses Frimpong popularly known in the showbiz cycles as Usher has brought this expression into life and in a very special way.

Usher, who is the CEO of Flash Mob Ghana Ltd. (FMG), Wednesday, July 2 [the night after Ghana’s Republic Holiday] brought the whole of the Kotoka International Airport to a standstill when he proposed to his girlfriend, Balikisu Uhamda also known as BK in a very emotional way. The latter had just touched down after months of personal activities in the United States of America.

Like any other person, BK who was well aware of his boyfriend coming to meet her was otherwise a novice to an ensuing dramatic homecoming that would eventually lead to the boyfriend proposing to her right at the airport.

In two shakes of a lamb’s tail, she was carried away with the flash mob dance that greeted her during a brief chat with her yet-to-be ‘Mr. right.’ In the midst of the dramatic scene at the airport, the dance instructor emotionally knelt and proposed to his girlfriend amidst tears of joy as many looked on in jaw-dropping moods.

In an interview with Usher to delve into what had prompted that emotional scene, he revealed that it’s his own way of expressing his love for her and plans are far advanced for them to be joined in holy matrimony.

“It’s my own way of showing how much I love her and I thought this was just a perfect day to let it happen ahead of our wedding ceremony,” he acknowledged.

“The ceremony will be held on Saturday, August 16, 2014 at the Temple of ECK in East Legon adjacent the Erata Hotel,” he reiterated.

He has since invited all friends and well-wishers to the ceremony next month and has released some phone numbers for further enquiries about the ceremony; 0277147808, 0242277589 and 0245246279.

Usher - BK proposal (3) Usher - BK proposal (2) Usher - BK proposal (5) Usher - BK proposal (1) Usher - BK proposal (4)

Story by: Yaw Sarpon

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