“Understanding Makes Marriage Evergreen”

Ghanaian musician, Eugene Baah formerly of ‘Praye’ fame now, Choirmaster has added his voice to the issues of marriage in Ghana especially among celebrities or public figures in Ghana.

This became necessary in the wake of the numerous celebrity-marriage break-ups in the country today.

Speaking to Tony Best on Sold 103.7 FM’s entertainment show called ‘Entertainment Edge’ on Saturday, he acknowledged that break-up in marriage cuts across all social sectors and pointed that understanding each other is the way to go in marriage.

“Every relationship might have flaws but it is up to the two to understand whatever each other is doing,” he noted. He also cited issues of who will cater for the child while each other is on business.

Asked whether media also contribute to the break-ups among celebrity marriages in the country, he opined that “yes, sometimes the media put up false stories about the relationship of celebrities which goes a long way to destroy it a bit.” He however noted that it is up to the celebrities to know how he or she handles the substantive issue.

He counseled celebrities to know that marriage to another celebrity must be natural and the best will come out of it.

Choirmaster also hinted that TV3 will be using his song ‘Ghana’s Most Beautiful’ as the soundtrack of this year’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful beauty pageant.  The musician has also announced that he will drop two more singles on his birthday (Saturday), July 26.

Story by: Yaw Sarpon

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