My Best Ghanaian Dishes

Born in the farming and traditional town of Agogo Ashanti Akim, I have always come into contact with many local dishes.

There are over 500 locally invented dishes which indigenes of Ghana can boast of. From the savanna regions through to the forest zone to the coastal areas there has been different kinds of food to taste.

It has thus been part of our culture and as an activist in promoting our cultural heritage, our local recipes have also been inevitably part of my food life.

Yes I love my food; first of it all I don’t do without my Banku with groundnut soup/okro stew. The likes of fufu, adibi, tuozaafi, akple, Fante kenkey, Ga kenkey, 3to etc. has also been among my best.

You need to have a taste of some of these dishes if you have not tasted one of the above mentioned dishes or any of the Ghanaian dishes.

You can try the Mamaga, Ashanti Home Touch or Asanka Locals for a taste of Ghanaian dish.

Source: Yaw Sarpon

via Yaw Sarpon | YS360

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