Of Sark Collections And Exorbitant Prices An Argument Too Stretched?

Sark CollectionRevenue for most music artistes do not come from the regular/everyday conventional streams. It is not the usual 5-8 or 30-31-day basic salary tie-in most mainstream employees get for working their butts off.

Largely, they are different; relying heavily on what you may mildly put, peak and off peak seasons. Depending on the season, an ariste one can go a whole quarter without a penny. It can be stressful and equally frustrating.

While their colleagues around the world have well structured income streams including album sales, performance, digital and synchronizing rights from adverts, movie soundtracks, and product endorsements, most Ghanaian artists on the other hand make money from going into ‘romantic’ relationships with rich partners.

They launch non existing NGOs that later can’t account for monies given to support their supposed charities; and when they get overly depressed and frustrated, they sign enticing/clause-laced agreements that do them more harm than good.

Some entertainers have made huge cash by giving up their brands, to support campaigns they easily identify with (philosophy, vision, mission et al). But the end result is always not nice.

In most instances  they are left wandering, with no gigs to play (a typical example being the clause that prevents ambassadors of GLO Ghana from performing on events sponsored by competing brands).

One artiste who has stayed away from that fat-money-now-sorrow-later web, and has made some good money for himself and his team, is Sarkodie, currently one of Ghana’s most exciting rap music brands. The BET winner is signed to Samsung and FanMilk Ghana as brand ambassador.

Earlier this year (in April), he launched his Sark Collections by Yas, to criticisms of exorbitant prices and how the ‘common’ Sarkodie fan won’t be able to get hold of one.

So what is the argument?

Yes, the collection may be unnecessarily expensive but we shouldn’t be made to think the marketers of Sark would produce wares and not expect it to sell.

In my opinion Sark is a luxury/high-end product, which can cater for a certain target group. And for those ‘common’ fans, like he rightly indicated on the red carpet of the VGMA’s, he hopes to release some affordable ones, later.

He is not the first and won’t be the last to own a clothing line, locally; rapper J Town of MC Africa/Channel O and IWAN has one. Mzbel‘s Micci Belino may come in July.

With the kind of presence Sarkodie has online and the response he is getting worldwide, one is certain this is another way of staying relevant.

It’s about time our celebrities increase their income streams and sources of revenue flow, and stop giving off those needy/poor looks any time they enter into negotiations. That’s the only way they can make money in this rather complex industry of ours.

If you don’t have about ten ways to make money in this entertainment business, you are better off doing something else.


By: Abdullai Isshak/enewsgh

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