SALA & John Paintsil Saga: Management Reacts to Baby Mama’s Jibes

SalaWhen we first got the news about John Paintsil and Sala the singer, we thought it was just one of those things. But as the days go by, new unfolding regarding the ‘new love affair’ has been opening.

From the day of the video premiere to the day that the singer starts getting strange phone calls from John’s baby mama (name withheld), to the sending of John son’s photographs as a way to stop Sala from continuing any form of relationship (that’s if there is any) with her supposed man; the news sounds funny but we know that there is an iota of fact lingering somewhere.

Different media houses have been interested in the whole Sala/John Paintsil ‘new love affair’, a whole lot have been written, said and debated about the two. But management of the singer-Paradise Entertainment has come out to debunk the story of any ‘affair’ as just untrue.

According to the management who have responded to this What’s that ‘something’ between Paintsil & Sala?, said, “this was the first time John and Sala were meeting and it was at the video premier (not album launch as said in some medium). The two just had to have the normal paparazzi that occur during functions like this. Whatever some print media may have published during all this has nothing to do with our artiste. Sala has an image and reputation to protect. We want to put a constraint to all this noise involving our artiste”

If it stands like this according to what the management has said, then what brought about the issue of John Paintsil’s baby mama having to send photos of their son to the singer as a sign to warn her to stay away from her man? “We have no idea to that. We don’t want to come in between the love lives of people who have worked hard to build their relationship. The issue of the photo is also strange to us.”

With Sala’s management coming out to speak on this, all efforts are been made to contact every party mentioned in this merry-go-round love episode.

See after the jump one of the photos sent from John Paintsil’s baby mama to Sala. How we got it? All we can say is more soon…

Source:   Adeyemi Adebayo Victor-GhanaWeb

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