John Dumelo, Former Miss Haiti, Others In ‘One Night In Vegas’

John Dumelo, Yvonne Nelson, Jimmy Jean LouisVegas somehow always means TROUBLE!!. and readers have been asking what the new movie starring John Dumelo, Yvonne Nelson and Jimmy Jean-Louis is all about.

Well, thanks to Overwrite, I can now bring more details on ”One Night in Vegas”. Trouble and suspense arrive in ‘Sin City’ when Jimmy and Yvonne get together.

“One Night in Vegas” tells the story about a couple who decide to get away for a while after a long drawn out court case involving the husband’s (Dumelo) business.

They go to Vegas and going along with them, under cover, is a US government Special Agent (Jean-Louis). Sins are committed and what happens in Vegas unfortunately does not stay in Vegas.

Extremely excited to be a part of the project, Jimmy Jean-Louis describes it as a “great experience and a film with lots of potential”.

The star intends to expand his work within Africa and with African filmmakers as a way of supporting the growth of the industry and its crossover appeal.

Also starring in the film is Sarodj Bertin, Miss Haiti Universe 2010. ‘One Night in Vegas’ is produced by Kobby Maxwell and Directed by John Uche. Van Vicker also makes a Special Guest Appearance.


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