Wahala In The Gospel Music Industry

I wish to ask some of the gospel musicians whether they sing gospel songs to praise God or they sing just because they want to gain fame. I am asking because some gospel songs now are full of shouts (noise) and a platform to display various fashion designs.

Even though shouting is good in praising God, unnecessary shouting leads to noise  which reduces the inspiration or the message the artiste is sending across since the message is the most vital information in the song.  Gospel songs are supposed to be inspirational songs but if they intend to follow the trend of worldly songs, then which turn will our gospel music take in the next four years to  come. I really want to applaud R2bess for their song “walaahi” in spite of the fact that it is hip life, it’s very inspirational. These are the kind of songs we need to listen to, which will encourage us to keep our faith moving in God and also aid us on how to solve the woes of life. They actually deserved the Ghana music award  recognition, more grease to their elbows.

Gospel musicians such as professor Kofi Abraham, Yaw Sarpong and the Asomafo Band, Daughters of Glorious Jesus, Tagoe Sister, Rev. Mary Ghansah, Stella Aba Seal, among others are people who touched souls and transformed lives.  They are people who had passion for God and propagated the gospel; there is a great distinction between them and the present musicians. They were committed and natural despite lots of money was not involved during their time. They never considered what they would gain but their concern was how to inspire and transform lives. During that time when you are a gospel musician it means you are a real Christian, the kind of life they lived, illustrated the difference, but now everybody wants to be a star. When Jane and Bernice, daughters of glorious Jesus and companies reign, anytime you hear their songs you feel you are on your way to heaven, because your heart is fulfilled.

Before you embark on singing gospel songs, you need to be inspired by God. We have very inspirational gospel musicians presently such as Danny Nettey, Nacy, Cwesi Oteng, Nii Okai, OJ among some few others.

There’s no doubt that as a gospel musician, you need to dress in other to get the crowd, but dress in such a manner that portrays you as a Christian, there’s no need to expose certain part of your body. Fashion is also now a competition between the musicians. Their mode of dressing does not propagate the message in the lyrics. Their appearance and the lyrics are two different messages all together. Gospel music has become the centre for amassing wealth instead of feeding people’s soul with the word of God. I wonder the motive behind their way of dressing, their lyrics and the kind of dance moves they portray.

People actually started with this kind of attitude so it can be stopped as well. As a gospel musician, your life should be different from the others. You  are not perfect, but your way of living should be a living testimony and a life changing moment for another. You should be led by the spirit to sing, you have the faith and believe that when you release this song, it is actually going to bless lives and is going to be a major hit.  Before you release the song you don’t have to think of what you will gain, that’s worldly thought. If you call yourself a gospel musician, money should not be your priority.

Gospel musicians should enable us single the difference between them and the world. They should exhibit certain attitude and qualities not just in their personal life, but that should be depicted in their lyrics and their videos. They should contact pastors, seek the face of God, when they are in the pipe line. They should not let us find difficulty in identifying them as gospel musicians.

Directors should also understand the lyrics of the song before releasing a video.  You realize mostly that the gospel music is talking about prosperity, they shouldn’t be focusing much on that, this is where inspiration comes in.  Primarily, their songs should be a source of impact.

EnamSika Tettehvi


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