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Nana-Hemaaa1The huge controversy that greeted the exit of Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa from the ‘Afia Schwarzenegger’ television hit series about a year ago may be replayed soon as her replacement, Nana Hemaa, is also about to be replaced by a yet-to-be-decided actress.

It is not yet clear why producers of the series are replacing Nana Hemaa though they have given a weak explanation that her contract has expired.

NEWS-ONE checks, however, say there is more to it and it may have to do with the fact that the lady is planning to settle in New York with her husband for good and would not be able to continue playing the role.

Valentina’s controversy has not died down and her exit from the series is still being discussed as her performance has been compared to that of Nana Hemaa.

When Nana Hemaa appeared on the ‘Delay’ television talk show last Saturday, she confirmed she was truly leaving the series but fell short of giving a reason. She thanked the producer, Delores Frimpong Manso for the exposure and opportunity the programme had given her and wished the next actress well.

Delores, in what seemed to be an explanation, said every year, there would be a replacement for the character who plays the role of ‘Afia Schwarzenegger’, the main character in the series.

She has also announced that auditions for a new ‘Afia’ will be held on Saturday August 31, at the Erata Hotel, and whoever emerges the ideal candidate would take over from Nana Hemaa.

“This is normal with television series and I do not see why it is raising eyebrows. James Bond is one example that has been played by different characters from time to time and there are a few more examples to show. Another example that readily comes to mind is ‘Superman’. Nana Hemaa is not a kid, if there was a problem for which she was leaving, she would not have hidden it. We had an excellent working relationship and I am still proud of her,” Delores explained.

The series is based on a storyline that has both fiction and non-fiction elements. While several actors on the cast are well-known people who play their real selves, there are other cast members interpreting roles.

The plot is woven around a loud-mouthed braggart, ‘Afia’ who is equally sly and knows how to use her mouth to get almost anything she wants.

Source: News One


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