“You Are Fired: Radio Presenters Told”

In every profession or institution, authorities or owners of companies reserve the right to hire and fire workers when they deem fit. Radio, as a business venture is no exception in this regard.

There are countless times when one’s favorite radio presenter is either missing on air or resurfaces on the next dial.

When it happens, one usually has no idea whether the presenter has been fired or was poached to the other station. Even though radio stations are businesses, they are also a branch of ‘show business,’ which means that as much as radio station owners think about who should be hired or fired; they need to also consider the ‘show’ aspect of the whole procedure.

It is very painful, as listener or fan of a radio station not to hear the voice of a presenter you have fallen in love with on radio again, especially when the one supplanting your beloved presenter is nowhere near the fired presenter presentation-wise. Radio is such that the longer one keeps on a show, the more he perfects the art and ingratiates with his listeners. It is inimical when you hire and fire presenters in a space of less than a year. That the radio business is also competitive and one may be tempted to do everything they can to unseat whoever is perceived to be on top is real but doing that must be a cautious decision, not to fester a wound that is already hurting.

A radio station that perhaps relies on polls or data gleaned from a small sample of audiences to generalize the performance of their presenters, may be doing more harm than good to themselves and their workers. Such surveys must be very tenable by scientific and statistical methodologies. A radio station fires its presenters ‘by heart’ thinking that that will catapult them to the first position (as ranked by a private survey company) but never seem to be climbing the ladder to be on top.

If you do the same things all the time, you get the same results. So if firing your presenters would place you ahead of your presenters, why are you not at the pinnacle by now; after having fired a lot of your workers within the past five years or so? Radio stations who like changing presenters should learn from Radio Gold or Peace FM. One hardly hears a presenter has been sacked for nonperformance, yet, most of them are not exceptional radio talents than those that have been from certain radio stations.

That is not to say radio stations should compromise on mediocrity or should not be concerned about how to shore up their revenue base but if you must fire a presenter, make sure the one really deserves to be fired. Do not be spooked by the fact that a certain radio station has been placed at first position by a survey company, to mess up your administration.

Source: Flex newspaper


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