Synopsis of ‘Laws of Love’ Telenovela on UTV (May 27, 2020)

“Laws of Love” on UTV

The awesome “Laws of Love” telenovela showing on UTV continues today (May 27, 2020) with yet another intriguing episode.

PlugTimes.com brings you a brief about what transpires today.

Read the synopsis below: 

Carlos goes to see Alan and he beats Alan mercilessly and warns him that he will rot in prison for incriminating him for Ale’s death. Alan threatens Carlos that if he abandons him in jail, everybody will know that he is the lawyer of Ciego and that Alejandra died because of him, since that day at the restaurant, Ciego went there to look for him. Carlos replies that if he had married Alejandra, nothing of that would have happened and that if he says something, they will kill him.

Victoria and Ricardo go to see the authorities in the US (the immigration and the district attorney) so to get the deportation papers of Ciego and request for appeal so they can proceed and take the case to court for his defense. Later they go to see Diego’s family to inform them of how they are going to handle the case and Jordan (Diego’s sales’ boy) arrives to tell them that he will do everything to testify on behalf of Diego because he’s being a good boss to him and everyone. They then call Diego to let him know about their effort and he speaks also with his family and they tell him that the lawyers are very good.

Camila tells Sofia that she is going to take painting and French lessons; that she hasn’t felt so excited and happy in a long time about starting something new and that Nicolas is going to go with her and that makes her happy because Nicolas is very fun to be with.

Roberto tells his father that he has been seeing his mother and he will continue to see her. Nicolas tells him that he can’t forbid him to see her, but it worries him that she might hurt him (Roberto) again because he can tell Lucia’s intention of coming back to get help from him but that Roberto doubts it.

Ciego goes to see Carlos and he asks Ciego that his cousin is in prison and he might talk about his business so he has to send him a message to warn him that if he speaks, he’ll die.

After shopping with Tatiana and coming back home, Susana tells Juan that he’s spending a lot of money unnecessarily which he could have saved it instead. Juan replies that he has to look good since people treat you according to how you look. Susana tells him that he’s worth for what he is and not for what he wears.

Carlos tells Nancy that Ciego’s hideout was fired by some people and so she has to do everything possible to wipe out all the fingerprints of Ciego and his people. Nancy says Javier called to let her know that the police already got some evidences but Carlos says she has to make those evidence disappear no matter.

“LAWS OF LOVE” airs on UTV from Mondays to Thursdays at 8:00pm, Sundays at 12:00noon – 3:00pm.




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