Today on ‘My Enemy’ Telenovela on UTV (July 4, 2020)

The awesome telenovela “My Enemy” showing on UTV continues today (July 6, 2020) with yet another intriguing episode.

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Read the synopsis below:

MY ENEMY (Metamfo)

Hello our cherished viewers, hope you are all doing wonderful. We are continuing with our stunning twinovella “MY ENEMY (Metamfo)” and in today’s episode,

Anarfi take his wife Priscilla to their hacienda and he mockingly tells his father and everyone present that his child is a boy and that he is going to name him Valentino Ghansah and this makes everyone shocked.

Mr. Ghansah then feels glad to get the news that he is going to be a grandfather and hopes that the child will bring happiness back to the family because the misfortunes are becoming too much. Damián calls priscilla to demand her to help him with his situation because should he fail, he threatens her that he is going to tell the family that Anarfi is sterile and Valentino is the father of that child. Freda then gets surprised that Damian called Priscilla as she never knew the two were best of friends. Priscilla says she only called her to let her know about his situation with her (Freda). Meanwhile, Anarfi wonders if his wife also has any intimacy with Damian which why he called her.

Freda has already packed Damian’s belongings and with the help of their maid Tiwaa, it’s been taken to his mother’s house. Freda reveals to Erika that she’s finally divorced Damian and Erika teasingly makes several recommendations to her to may be try it again with Damian but Freda says it won’t work. Again, she suggests Steve to her but Freda trashes that off.

Florence is ready to spill the beans to Freda who Franco really is, but Erika enters with her wedding invitations and whiles on the chatting, James lets Franco know what Florence is planning to do by revealing his real identity which was told to her by Gyamfua. So quickly, Franco makes Erika and Freda to go away to keep themselves company whiles he takes Florence away to explain things to her as to why she can’t tell Freda who he is actually. Franco explains to Florence that he had to get rid of Edward to keep his mother’s last will to rescue Lilian and in case she tells Freda, she is jeopardizing everybody’s lives, Lilian’s first of all and assures her that soon as Lilian is safe back with her family, he will disappear forever. Florence accepts and she assure Franco that she will remain silent until he accomplishes his goal to save their loved ones.

Baaba meet Damian at Mr. Ghansah’s other house and she furiously tells Damián that he should have continued his marriage with Freda for at least some weeks. Damián reveals to her that Freda found out about the embezzlement he committed against Mrs. Villasana, and he is sure she is sure she has a plan and Franco could be helping her. Baaba then wonders why if Freda indeed knows about her evils, she hasn’t confronted her till date and Damian says it’s because Baaba is only playing smart with her.

Baaba then states that she hopes what he is telling her isn’t true because that will prevent Freda from seeing Lilian again. In all Damian fear for his life that Baaba can even betray him in the end.

Baaba advises Damian to leave Freda already and look for a place to live and she will help him pay for the expenses, because Ghansah is about to sign the cession of his properties in her name and she doesn’t need that Freda to spoil her plans. Another thing she wants him to assist her with is to go to the convent and pretend to be Santiago’s best friend Damian then wonders why but she only promises to pay any amount he wishes for if he helps her with that thing. Damian asks his mission at the place and she tells him that he wants him to go take away a girl from the place for her and he actually knows this girl very much. She is called Awurabena there. Damian then becomes shocked.

Stay tuned to “MY ENEMY (Metamfo)” on UTV from Friday – Sunday at 8:00pm, and Repeat Tuesday – Thursday 4:00pm. Bisa wo ho s3, esum ne hann, hwan na ebedi nkunim? Can darkness indeed overcome light? sometimes with human mind, we normally think so, seeing how far most at times the wicked is able to execute their plans and prevailing in all of their destructions. But this movie will indeed show us that, the great God will show the enemy that, though they may succeed in many ways, their dark deeds will surely come to light. Then the Righteous shall say, though sorrows may endure for a night, but joy will surely come in the morning. Trust nobody except God. MY EMEMY! Metamfo, MY ENEMY!! 333bob) ba!! MY ENEMY!!! Akye saaa!!!! UTV, IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU!!!!

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