Kwahu Easter Festival Was Well Patronised – GTA

Kwahu ParaglidingThe Ghana Tourism Authority has debunked claims that this year’s Kwahu Easter Festival was poorly patronised.

The Kwahu Easter festival is the biggest Easter celebration in the country with various people from all walks of life converging on the Kwahu Ridge.

Apart from the merrymaking that goes on, the most popular activity that people including tourist engage in is the paragliding sport. This event is often heavily patronised; however, information indicates this year’s event was poorly patronised.

Some complained of lack of money to participate in the Easter activities; while others felt the organisation and planning was poor.

However, speaking in an interview on Metro TV, Acting Executive Director of the Ghana Tourism Authority, Sampson Donkor said he “will not agree with whoever will say the event was poorly patronised”.

According to him, this year’s event unlike reports was very well organised and a lot of people patronised it – especially the paragliding sport.

“I will not agree with whoever will say that it was poorly patronised. The organisation was very good. In terms of the paragliding, we flew more people than we did last year and so the patronage was good. It was better organised than it used to be especially in the township” he mentioned.

As a way of improving the Kwahu Easter festivities, Mr Donkor said the authority has planned to expand the take off stage for the paragliding sport so that a lot more people will be able to patronise.

“We have decided to expand the take off stage so that we will be able to fly more people. This year 300 people registered for the paragliding but only 140 people were able to fly. If you have an expanded take off base then you will be able to fly more people; that is one of the things we want to do…” he added.


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