Mother Teiko – God Hates Shrine Visiting Pastors

Mother_TeikoEVANGELIST MOTHER Teiko has warned Ghanaians to desist from bloodshed and sexual immorality.

She disclosed this during an interview with DAILY GUIDE.

She said God revealed it to her when she was lifted to heaven on Easter Monday April 9, 2007, because of her humility on earth.

According to Ms. Teiko, the spiritual act took place when she was sleeping at home around 3:30pm and heard a strange voice calling her name.

Ms. Teiko said “when I heard my name Teiko for three times, I got up and went out to look for the person calling me but I found no one in the house. I returned to my room and the same voice spoke again and asked me how I perceived the one calling me and whose voice I thought it was?

I realized it was not any of my children or that of anyone I knew”.

She added that, the voice told her “I am the Lord your God the one you fear who is calling you”.

Ms. Teiko hinted that God told her the second coming of the Christ is very near and the whole world should be prepared for it adding that, it takes obedience and humility to get to heaven so Ghanaians should love each other and evangelize to win souls for the kingdom of God, love their children equally and not judge others. She said God abhors pastors who have been visiting shrines, fetish priests and those in occultism.

“The Lord also said that the expensive funerals we conduct and the noise we make when people die should be stopped because it brings curse upon us. To pastors and the church leaders the Lord said, they should stop taking church money to funerals but use it to help members in the church.
If someone is not seen in church we should visit the person to find out the reason and help appropriately. We should remember that it is not those who say to Him ‘Lord, Lord’ who will inherit the Kingdom of heaven but those who do the will of God,” Ms. Teiko said.

She noted that pastors and prophets should speak against worldly music and encourage the youth to respect their parents and desist from their bad deeds adding that, women should be prayerful in order to bring up their children in the Lord.

Source: Daily Guide


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