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Acquiring new clients and retaining existing ones is undoubtedly the most important target of any business. In order to be ahead of the competition, businesses are always faced with the task of improving their methods and the technologies they use to bring in clients.

Until recently, the most popular ways of promoting businesses was through the traditional media, TV and radio stations, newspapers, billboards, etc. These means have proven very effective over the years, albeit, costly.

Before the advent of the internet and the popularity of social media, more traditional marketing channels were utilized to various levels of efficiency and success. Billboards, flyers, TV and radio ads, newspaper ads and classifieds, coupons, to name a few. However, as with every industry, the introduction and current ubiquity of the internet has led to many businesses fine-tuning their marketing strategies to place more focus on internet channels like social media, online publications and blogs. The rise of tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc., shows the extent to which online marketing services are sought after, as these companies’ most valuable products are their business advertisement services that rake in billions of dollars each year.

Worldwide, coupons, discounts and promos have been used to a great extent by some of the biggest brands to promote their goods and services. People love discounts, and there is a lot of research to prove the efficiency of promotions in driving new clients to existing businesses, retaining and rewarding older clients for their loyalty, and generally selling more volumes of products. The results of a similar survey by Coupons Technologies, Tema, can be found on their website.

COUPONS.COM.GH, Ghana’s first coupons club, was launched last year to provide e-couponing and ticketing services to businesses across the country. The idea is simple: Your potential clients are looking for your product out there, and they are looking for the best deal. Creating a page on the platform allows you to market your products and services to these clients through free e-coupons that they can download and enjoy at your location. Restaurants, pubs, entertainment centers, clubs, cinemas and other kinds of businesses can create a free listing, complete with their contacts, directions to their place, social media handles, and other information. Sign up is free for both business owners and users.

How It Works

Everyday, several e-coupons are created on the site by restaurants, shops, hangout spots, gyms, etc. for their products and services to be enjoyed at a discount. Users looking for restaurants around Osu in Accra, for instance, can search through the hundreds of listings of the top places to eat, search for coupons, get directions, ask the owners questions, comment, etc. They can also leave reviews of the place after they have visited thereby helping to improve customer care in general across the country.

Businesses are urged to sign up for free, create their listing, and proceed to enjoy the many features available for business promotion on the platform.

For any enquiries, please call O2O 358 18OO or ‭O54 298 9431‬. ‬‬



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