Synopsis of ‘My Enemy’ Telenovela on UTV (June 5, 2020)

The awesome telenovela “My Enemy” showing on UTV continues today (June 6, 2020) with yet another intriguing episode.

PlugTimes.com brings you a brief about what transpires today.

Read the synopsis below:

Franco looking very furious, threatens with strangling Baaba if she refuses to tell him the whereabout of Lilian. Baaba fearing for her life tells him this is not a way to treat a lady but the truth is that she rather fears for the life of Lilian because if he tries to rescue her even if he gets to know the place Lilian is hiding, he is going to put Lilian’s life in danger. So, they should rather join forces because this is the only way they will be able to rescue Lilian since into whose hands Lilian now resides is an actual power, a man she even thinks that should Franco see him, he will even fear him. later she speaks to herself that she will actually need Franco’s help to be able to find her daughter and finish Mr. Ntiamoah because she hates him very much.

Santiago searches for Awurabena at the convent but Mother Superior tells him that she’s not set her eyes on Awurabena and the mother superior tries to find out what happened between the two and she gets stunned when he tells her that, according to his stepmother, Awurabena was kidnapped by an elderly man and he assumes that that man is her father.

Franco tries to convince Freda that he is ow convinced that Baaba had nothing to do with Lilian’s kidnapping and that she can be sure that he is going to rescue Lilian no matter what it takes. Freda then becomes stunned and tells him she finds it very hard to believe that Baaba is not guilty and she has to control herself so as not to shout all her crimes in her face, just because she promised him not to do it. She finds it intriguing that first, Baaba told Santiago that Awurabena had run away with some guy; but then, later, she changed her story saying that it was an elderly man. And not only that, but that Baaba has promised to help Santiago to search for Awurabena when in fact, she had never been too fond of Santiago before.

Priscilla asks Damian to help her get rid of Valentino from her back. Damián tells Priscila that, for the time being, Valentino is under control, although they have another problem, because Freda already knows that she and Valentino were lovers, so her sister-in-law has got a head start now, concerning shameful secrets; and that now, more than ever, they have to remain united to face whatever is to come.

Freda tells Franco that as soon as Lilian is found they are going to go far away, because she doesn’t see any future with her marriage with Damián anyway but course, before doing so, she is going to expose Baaba first.

Olu keeps on helping Lilian to read the dairy Ntiamoah gave to her so she will know what exactly is inside. With the little Olu has read so far, it looks like, the grandfather of Ghansah had an fair with Ana Georgia who is the mother of Ntiamoah and cautioned her to never let that secret out of her lips to anyone. In that case to help herself keep the secret, she decided to write how she started her affair with the man whiles working in that house as one of their servants.

Baaba recollects how bad she’s ill-treated Awurabena and she feels very regretful doing so.

Gyamfua doesn’t know if her juju even works correctly or is fake because it looks no matter how much she tries to make Franco put on the shirts or suits she irons for him in which she’s sprayed the juju onto it, Franco refuse to wear it. But she is still bent on destroying the absurd marriage between Franco and Erika.

Awurabena faints and they call a doctor to come check on her. After he left, the mother superior tells Awurabena that the doctor’s diagnosis was that she is pregnant and Awurabena becomes speechless.

Same vein at Franco’s house having dinner together, Freda gets stunned when Damián suggests to her that they plan and go on a trip together with Franco and Erika. Franco also gets angry inwardly.

“My Enemy” airs on UTV from Friday to Sunday at 8:00pm, and repeat from Tuesday to Thursday 4:00pm.

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